Excitement and Update

Friends, Advisors, and Partners,

Excitement is quickly rising at the Santos household. Emin and I are slated to leave in a little over a week, plans are being made, clothing is being packed, and I am looking forward greatly to my coming journey to Kazakhstan. I want to publicly say thank you to everyone who has helped me thus far in this endeavor- from the experts I’ve talked to in the fields of Public/Mobile Health, my fellow classmates who have helped me put together this project, and especially to all those in Kazakhstan and at the Embassy in Washington who have seen potential in me and Mobile Health as a project in Kazakhstan and worked so hard to put this trip together. Although I am nervous about this endeavor, knowing I have such a great support network helps. Thank you so much.

I just had an itinerary sent to me yesterday, and found out that I’ll be travelling through London on my way to Kazakhstan. Speaking of London, did anyone see the Vinokourov victory yesterday? How dramatic!

With summer school done and the trip so apparent, I plan on updating this blog plenty often, so please tune in. I’ll admit, other obligations have left me otherwise indisposed. Regardless, this is going to be a great trip, and a great adventure. Again, thanks so much to everyone who is involved.


Charlie Santos


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